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Many business owners are starting to plan for the new tax year. For businesses employing staff, managing costs will be high on the list of priorities. In this, our first ‘Safe Hands Blog’ we suggest that outsourcing payroll might be one of those cost saving measures to consider.

An external supplier may already provide payroll services, so perhaps now is a suitable time to sense-check that you continue to receive excellent service and value.


Why outsourcing payroll might be the right decision for your business?

  • Cost

An in-house payroll service costs more per employee, the fewer members of staff you have. Costs include person-hours spent on payroll, payroll software, training, printing and distributing payslips, enquiry-handling, related tax documents…the list goes on.

  • Resources

The payroll function can consume a large proportion of someone’s time, especially if payroll in not their primary employed role. Outsourcing payroll frees up these resources, allowing your team to focus on developing your core business.

  • Training

Changes in tax and legislation can mean ongoing training expenses for payroll staff. Training at the outset on the payroll system and then training updates as the latest procedures and changes are implemented all add to creeping payroll costs.

  • Speed and accuracy

Experts, like Safe Hands, will undertake payroll for many clients. Its stands to reason that with familiarity and repetition, the payroll process will be faster and ‘right first time’. Sometimes a ‘quicker than usual’ turnaround time on payroll is required, especially when a client is very busy. We pull out all the stops when it’s absolutely necessary.

  • Service continuity

The in-house service is only as good as the availability of the experts doing the work. Holidays and sickness during the year may mean losing a key member at an important time. Your staff will forgive a lot of things, but not paying them on time is not one of them! This headache is removed at a stroke when you outsource.

  • No need to worry

There’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind that outsourcing payroll services can bring to a business. You’re left to focus on running your business, knowing all payroll obligations are dealt with correctly and efficiently. In fact, if you’ve just decided that you don’t want to do payroll yourself any more having read this – what other reason do you need to pick up the phone now?


Payroll services from Safe Hands – it’s a relationship not a transaction.

” A great asset to our business. We have received so much support from Jason and his team over time including helping us set up payroll, use a fantastic accounting app and general bookkeeping tips on a regular basis. He couldn’t be more helpful and it’s never too much trouble. It really is a great support for us to have Jason there as our safety net being a small business. Highly recommend.  

Tara Morris, Abstract Print & Design, January 2017″


The reasons given above are all good business reasons for considering outsourcing payroll. But, when all is said and done, there’s a large human element involved. Pay and benefits is a sensitive subject. Throughout the year, multiple queries will arise on subjects as varied as student loan repayments to auto-enrolment.

With payroll from Safe Hands Bookkeeping, we become a virtual part of your team and ensure that your payroll is completed accurately, helping you relax and save time. We provide a dedicated point of contact, so a relationship can develop, and your staff know their issues will be dealt with by somebody they know and trust.

We will advise you during on the implementation/transition phase, so your staff can be assured their sensitive information is being handled with care and competence.

We promise to ‘own‘ queries when they arise and keep people fully up to date if their issue is not solvable there and then.

We like our clients to consider us as an extension to their in-house team.


To enquire about payroll services and to obtain a tailored quote for your business, contact: Jason Dalton, Safe Hand Bookkeeping:

Tel: 01252 763123