Safe Hands Outsourced Finance Director

Also known as Fractional Finance Director, Chief Finance Officer, Financial Director, Person who does the reporting, Business Growth Support and many more.

Whilst the role has lots of job titles, they do the same thing, helping businesses interpret their numbers generated through bookkeeping, to help business owners achieve their ambitions. We love to see people succeed. It’s what drives us to do the same!

Insight into your numbers significantly improves your productivity and profitability. We know this is key to business success. Many business owners find it a challenge to make time to give finance full attention. Because all too often, the daily business of business gets in the way

Sound Familiar?

Our Outsourced Finance Director service is designed to be flexible and work around you and your business to provide the expertise you might not have in-house. We’ll guide you to set and achieve ambitious business goals for steady growth.

We’ll support you to:

  • make sense of your numbers, in plain language and help you build a strategy for the business that helps you achieve your goals
  • split your goals into manageable targets
  • identify milestones along the way so you stay motivated
  • Keep you honest, on track and accountable. You know your business better than anyone else, we add our knowledge about the numbers and ensure you stay on track.

So, get in touch if you’d like to get all the benefits of an Outsourced Finance Director without paying sky-high fees.

The process

Let’s go a little deeper into how our service works. We’ll help your business grow using a 3-step process:



What you want

What do you want to achieve personally? It can feel a bit strange being asked personal questions when you came for business advice. But your private life and your work life are entwined. One will always impact the other.

What goals do you have for the business? Where do you want to be? How is it different from where you are now?

What is stopping you achieving your goals?

Business owners can sometimes be too close to their own situation to spot discrepancies and conflicts in their plans. An outside opinion can help. That’s where we come in.

We’ll give an objective viewpoint and help you find the balance between your situation and your ambition.



How to move forward

We get into the detail and develop a strategy. We’ll work out what levels we need to pull to get you where you want to be.

We’ll put your financials under the microscope and see where you’re making the most money and where you’re losing the most money.

This part of the process uncovers whether you need to make more sales, decrease your costs, increase your profitability, or a mixture of these.



Track your progress through meaningful reporting

We make sure you not only have the correct reporting in place, but you fully understand the meaning of the reports. After all, your business should work for you, not the other way around.

We won’t swamp you with meaningless data, either. Instead, we’ll create bespoke reports that are relevant to your goals. Many businesses think they need lots of reporting.

But in reality, 1 or 2 highly focused reports are far more useful. These might include:

  • management reporting
  • profit and loss
  • monthly reports
  • cash flow forecasting

We’ll also translate financial reports and put the information into context that makes sense to you and your business. We don’t just give you a pile of data and send you on your way. We tell you what it means in real terms for your business.

So you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Is it for you?

Our Finance Directors can help if you:

feel stuck in a rut and need fresh eyes on your figures

know you need to do something, but don’t know what
need some accountability in your business planning
want someone to translate your numbers and put them into context that makes sense for your business

Our Finance Directors can’t:

give lending advice – but we have great partners to connect you with

run your business for you (sorry!)

Get in touch and ask us your burning business questions NOW.