Most business owners didn’t set up their business to do bookkeeping and accounts (there we said it!), unless you are like us and have a bookkeeping business! Bookkeeping is at the heart of what we do. We work with business owners of all shapes and sizes, from those who bring us detailed records already reconciled and ready to do, to those who give us a bin liner of receipts to work through. We use all the accounting software you would expect us to (Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent), but also utilise other software to improve your accounting efficiency. Whatever you want your bookkeeping experience to look like, we’re ready to provide first-class bookkeeping experience for you.

The Safe Hands Difference

Bookkeeping is just the starting point; did you know there are loads of things you can do with the numbers to help you run your business smoothly and grow your business consistently. We can help with here too, with our Outsourced Finance Director Service.

If you don’t look at any reporting until the end of the financial year, you are not alone. A huge 90% of all business owners, regardless of the size of their business do not understand what you can do with reporting and have been made to feel stupid when asking seemingly simple questions. Fear not! Safe Hands operates a strict jargon-free communication policy, which means we lay everything out in plain English and help you understand everything about your business finances from day 1. We can also help you use that information to grow and improve your business, from looking at profit margins to cutting costs.

Our bookkeeping services cover all of the areas you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, including:


Sorting, capturing and digitising all of your expenditure accurately, and making sure VAT is claimed and eligible expenses are offset against tax.


Bank reconciliation is often the most time-consuming part of doing the books – but not for you! Relax as we match up your bank accounts and balance it all up, so you can see at a glance what your true balance is and what actions you need to take.


We can handle the nitty gritty of working with subcontractors. From verifying them for you to processing invoices and CIS deduction calculations, monthly payment certificates and CIS reconciliation for tax purposes. In other words, we handle the difficult bits for you!


Ensure your customers are invoiced the right amount at the right time, every time. We can also check your bank and mark invoices as paid, to take one more annoying item off your to-do list.


Keep a healthy cash flow by leaving us to contact your customers, encourage invoices to be paid before the due date and fix any issues with payments that might arise with sensitivity and care.

Don’t just take our word for it…

A faultless service

Deborah Fry

I made the transition from being a sole trader to a limited company in 2015, and was very lucky to come across Jason’s / Safe Hands’ details. Jason has since provided me with a faultless service and I would have no reservations at all in highly recommending his book keeping services.